Nothing Invigorates Your Company Better than a Gifted Corporate Speaker

man at podium speaking to audienceNow, more than ever, business leadership is most needed in corporate America. Recent statistics show business start-ups are being outnumbered by business closings; an enterprise must grapple with the harsh reality of providing competent leadership through and through. Getting the right expertise in could provide the exact momentum to jumpstart an otherwise dying venture.

Reality Bites

Nobody wants to lose. This observation holds water for every football game ever played in college as well as in corporate America.

Sadly, however, America Inc. is losing.

In 2008, U.S. businesses were at a crucial point in history. During that year, there were more businesses that closed shop than there were start-ups, the U.S. Census Bureau disclosed. Over 470,000 enterprises called it quits in that year alone while only 400,000 new businesses opened shop – starting a dangerous precedent for the following years.

That should send some shivers running down the spine of any entrepreneur.

One thing’s evident though: The right business model is paramount. Of the over 6 million businesses currently operating in the U.S., only about a thousand are big enough to employ 10,000 workers. These companies are the cream of the crop of America Inc.

Sometimes even the best stumbles, too. A fine example is McDonald’s move this year to close over 700 stores worldwide – U.S. including. It’s a tough call but it could be the best call.

Getting Directions

And when companies need a lift, as they often will, a corporate speaker could be the one ingredient to provide clarity. Montgomery Presents is a fine example of this. Corporate leadership sometimes needs a fresh outlook to come up with a better approach to make things happen. This is what a corporate speaker puts on the table.

A gifted corporate speaker, therefore, is a catalyst for change. They make sure solutions for needed realignments and timely redirection are available so everyone can pitch in. In short, their wisdom can start the corporate ball rolling towards positive change.

It doesn’t matter if it comes in small increments; what’s important is change is happening. For a timely boost, nothing may deliver it better than a gifted corporate speaker.