No More Loose Dentures with Dental Implants in Barnsley

patient with denturesRemovable dentures are an affordable tooth replacement solution for many patients. However, they come with certain drawbacks. Over time, the bony structure of the jaw that supports the soft tissues is lost. As the soft tissue makes contact with the dentures, this will also begin to recede with the bone, leading to loose dentures and leaving patients to struggle with everyday tasks such as speaking and chewing. However, these problems can all be eliminated with the help of dental implants.

Denture stabilisation with dental implants in Barnsley is a quick, easy and affordable implant solution that helps patients restore their oral function. Through this process, which is available in selected dental practices in Barnsley, including PDC Dental Implants, dental implants are inserted into the jawbone in order to stabilise full or partial dentures.

What does denture stabilisation with dental implants involve?

As with any regular implant procedure, the process of denture stabilisation begins with the surgical insertion of up to four dental implants into each jawbone. The implants used for denture stabilisation may be slightly smaller than regular implants for better retention. After having the dental implants placed, dentures will be adjusted to attach to them via a clip-on mechanism or special posts.

These posts make it possible for patients to easily snap their dentures in and out of their mouth. While in place, though, implant-supported dentures are remarkably more secure than traditional dentures and, notably, the cause of embarrassment from ill-fitting dentures, is gone.

Implant-supported dentures are ideal for patients with some or extensive bone loss caused by tooth loss and loose dentures.

How long will these dental implants last?

Just like regular dental implants in Barnsley, implants used for denture stabilisation can last for many years if treated well and properly maintained. By following the daily oral hygiene routine set out by their dentist, patients can prevent the build-up of bacteria on and around their dental implants. Regular cleaning of their denture will also help to prevent infection and reduce the chance of damage to the gums surrounding the dental implants. Visiting the dentist regularly for check-ups is also highly recommended.