Must-Try Sports During Winter

Ice ClimbingAs summer is a great time to go to the beach for some frolicking in the sun and sand, so is winter an excellent opportunity to build a snowman as well as do other outdoor activities in the snow. But what truly makes winter fun is the variety of winter sports that is available to people of all ages.

If you are already tired of the usual skiing and snowboarding, as well as ice skating, that many people do during winter, why not try your hands on any of these winter sports?

Ice Climbing

For extreme sports athletes, rock climbing is a thrill. Wait until you get your hands on ice climbing. However, instead of the jagged rocky edges of cliff walls, it is the slippery and glassy surface of a frozen waterfall you’ll need to face. Here, you will need a special gear known as a crampon to give your boots better traction on the icy surface. In addition to mountaineering boots and a helmet, you will also need two axes that have been specially designed for use on ice. So get to the nearest snow shops Brisbane and have the set of equipment ready.

Fat Biking

If you enjoy biking during the summer, then why not try biking in the winter, specifically in the fresh powder section of snow? One of the fastest emerging winter sport, fat biking, or essentially mountain biking on balloon tires, is one of the most ingenious ways of moving through the different snowy trails of the many winter resorts in the world.

Snow Kayaking

Kayaks are great to ride along river courses as well as on calmer seas. But kayaking over snow? That is surely one hell of a ride. Starting off at the top of a slope, snow kayakers paddle their way through the powdery surface of snow as if they were navigating through the many obstacles in a river rapid system. Of course here, the water has already crystallized into snowflakes.

Air Boarding

You have heard of skateboarding or even wake boarding. Now try air boarding. Ride on one of these A-shaped rubber inflatable rafts and glide all the way down the slopes, shifting your weight around to make those manoeuvres across obstacles. Stopping is as easy as doing a hockey stop.

Snow Scooting

Just think riding your BMX bike down the snow-covered mountain slopes, but with a split-up snowboard as your wheels. It is one of the more fun ways of enjoying winter as the thrill of balancing your snow scoot when you speed downhill will result in more wipeouts than those on snow tubes.

Whatever activities you are going to enjoy this winter, make sure you wear high quality gear. Snowscene recommends ski and winter sports gloves, helmets, jackets and ski pants because they are designed to give ample protection from the extreme weather.

Today’s winter sports are not just confined to ice skating or skiing. More and more people are inventing newer and more innovative ways of enjoying winter.