Move and Get a Job Quick, as BPO Companies Eye Cebu City

properties in Cebu
Developments in real estate have been sprouting left and right in Cebu and with that comes the interest of companies to set up shop here as well, seeing that the place’s economy is thriving and the population is growing exponentially. Business Process Outsourcing (BPO), for instance, provides jobs for 1.3 million Filipinos and this earns USD25 billion in revenue per year.

Why Live in Cebu

Whether you’re a local or a foreigner, surely, Cebu is a place worth visiting. Also, since the place is continuously developing, especially in the real estate sector, it provides various types of housing. Would you believe that the residential market has shown phenomenal growth over the past 4 years? Condominiums in Cebu City are thriving and continuously increasing in number as it grew to 22,284 from around 9,026 units in 2013.

There are countless reasons to live here. Apart from local and foreign business investments, there are numerous beaches and historic locations all around, beckoning tourists of all ages.

If you want to move to Cebu, but the idea of unemployment is hindering you from doing so, then good news: BPO firms are making its way to Cebu City!

BPO Firms Expanding to Cebu

ABS-CBN News shares that this year, “BPO is expected to provide more foreign revenue than remittances – the Republic’s traditional source of foreign exchange.” Apart from this, the World Bank predicts that by 2020, the industry’s revenues could go as high as USD 50 billion and provide 2.6 million jobs – doubling the numbers shown in the past couple of years.

Outside Metro Manila, Cebu is  the preferred destination for BPO firms because it has a great number of skilled college graduates, there’s a presence of adequate infrastructure, and they have a high level of urbanization.

What else can you ask for? A place to live and a job nearby, Cebu City really is an oasis that integrates the past and modern times.