Mindsets to Adopt to Help Care for the Environment

environment friendly foodsWith all the extreme weather and negative effects of climate change, everybody knows how important it is to get into the habits that will help the planet heal. Habits like recycling, reusing, reducing wastes make a big impact when practiced consistently by most. However, it is often easier said than done as it involves constant effort, mindfulness and commitment. Help the environmentally conscious habits stick by adopting mindsets to help it become a way of life.

Adopting a Food Philosophy

Adopting a food philosophy can make a substantial impact on the environment as it food habits and choices made several times a day can aggregate to real results driving down pollution from agriculture. Chose to eat and buy ingredients that are organic to support farmers who use sustainable farming practices like crop rotation, companion planting and natural fertilizing methods. Adopting a food philosophy that supports the Earth will help guide your daily decisions and actions towards caring for the environment.

If you want to take it a step further, you can even adopt Veganism – a way of life that avoids animal-based products for ethical and sustainable reasons. Adopting veganism helps the environment by reducing grains and water used for livestock and preserving forests that would otherwise be cleared for grazing and protect sea life. Adopting a Vegan food philosophy also reduces energy consumption as raising livestock uses a great amount of energy. Just excluding products with animal derivatives as far as possible and practicable will already create environmentally positive habits down the line.

Zero Waste Mindset

The Zero Waste movement sets a goal of reducing waste you bring home and create. Its goal is not to eradicate all wastes but to drastically reduce it. Some committed “Zero-Wasters” even asses the amount of trash they accumulate on a given period. It’s a helpful mindset to remind you to avoid single-use packaging materials and think of creative ways to recycle or upcycle items that otherwise should have been discarded. Naturally, adopting this mindset will make you aware of your consumption habits and challenge you to make changes to drive down the waste materials you produce.

Caring for the environment does require constant effort and commitment which without mindsets to guide you may become difficult to sustain. Consider these mindsets to help you adopt and commit to environmentally positive habits for the long term.