Millennials Continue to Change the Travel Industry

Travelling MillenialsBack in the days when travel seemed to be a far-fetched dream for many, most individuals take the luxury of going to a holiday trip to a foreign land with lump sums of money behind their backs. If not for the frequent holiday-goers, it’s the businessmen who enjoy the plane rides going to and from another country that seems real only in photographs.

However, today’s generation changes the way people travel–the millennial generation was seen to turn the tables in the travel industry, making up 40 percent of all the leisure travellers who book their tickets online. Because of their intense love for this kind of lifestyle, they spend around $200 billion every year–a phenomenon which is likely to increase over time.

But what makes millennial travellers different from their generation counterparts is that they go to another place not to accomplish business trips, but to immerse themselves in new cultures and gain better experiences that make them more accomplished persons. They don’t just pass through Sentosa, but they immerse themselves in its rich culture, indulge in its Singapore-exclusive food offerings and mingle with the locals who reside there. Aside from this, most millennials enjoy saving up for their upcoming trip, pushing themselves to whether or not they can afford their own luxury without their parents handing over some spare cash.

As these digital natives are now here to enjoy travel and the leisure that comes with it, they are also benefiting companies that fully understand the needs of this millennial generation. Say, for example, some organisations such as the Sentosa Online Store are offering exclusive online deals and packages to specific attractions to complement the needs of these new-age travellers. They are also sustaining the businesses of airline companies by booking ahead of time and in lumps.

The bottom line is that these millennials are shaping all companies involved in the travel industry. What these organisations need to do, in return, is to offer the best of services that will accommodate them through their journey so that they can go back and experience the same luxury with you.