Make Your Elderly Mom Feel You Love Her

Elderly MomIf you haven’t made your mom feel loved for years, now is the time to do so. Your mother may not have the luxury of time, so show you care through simple acts of love.

When life’s worries tend to make you busy, you may sometimes neglect a few people who have been with you through ups and downs. Have you ever asked yourself when was the last time that you even thought of the welfare of your elderly mother? You may not realize it but you may have already failed to show any sign of love for your mom, who most likely have been longing for it for years. But it’s never too late, you can still make up for the lost years and show your aging mother how much you love her.

Pick Up The Phone

If you have the time to check your Facebook or Instagram notifications, why don’t you try dialing the phone number of your mother? A simple hello to ask how her health is or how she is feeling can warm the heart of your mom. Who knows? It might just be the call that she has been waiting for a very long time.


Paying your mom a real surprise visit (not to borrow money or something) can do so much in making your mom feel loved. By spending time with your mom on that particular day, and doing things that she loves (even though you don’t really have the same taste) can certainly make your mom feel special. Showing up at the door without prior notice may be the biggest surprise she’ll have.

Pay for Her Aide

Your mother may not have all the strength in the world to do chores at home or even to prepare her own meals. If you see that your mom is struggling with these tasks, suggests providing for her 24-hour care. She will certainly feel loved, knowing that you care so much for her welfare that you needed to have somebody stay with her during times that you cannot be with her. Just don’t forget to pay her a visit. Seeing you smile can do wonders for your mom.

Give Her Something Homemade

If you miss the times that you get to sit on the floor and do a lot of artwork, then now is the best time to do it all over again. Gather some art supplies and make a nice thank you card for your mom. Making the card yourself will make the card way more valuable compared to those ready-to-buy cards you see at the malls.

Mothers aren’t hard to please. You just have to remember them and show them you love them in your own simple way. Give her a call, surprise her, make something for her and provide someone to help her. When you do these, you will be able to touch the depths of your mother’s heart, and make her feel that you did not cease loving her for one second.