Maintain Quality of Life Even with Life-Limiting Illness

Old lady happily talking to her nursePeople have different reactions to hearing that they’re terminally ill. There’s no right or wrong way to react to bad news like this. Emotions can vary from fear, shock, anger, resentment, denial, and a whole host of feelings.

Although disheartening, terminal illness shouldn’t stop you from enjoying your life. The best way to deal with life-limiting conditions is to be pro-active and fight the feeling of depression with positivity, according to a grief support services specialist in Indiana.

Bring a Friend or Relative curing Consultation

A relative or a friend who will stay with you to hear what your doctor has to say can greatly reduce the feeling of being alone. They can also help take note of the doctor’s instructions about diet and medications.

Surround Yourself with a Support Group

Aside from a few family and friends, you should surround yourself with a support group. People with similar conditions can help talk things out because they’re the ones who truly know what each is going through. While there are some who find it hard to talk about their illness, studies have continually shown that people who are more open tend to cope well.

Pamper Yourself

Make the most of your life. Go to that country you’ve been planning all your life to visit. If you feel like getting a massage or aromatherapy, get it. Spend more time with your spouse, children, or grandchildren. Be grateful enough to receive help from people who want to and give specific examples of the kind of help that you need like lifting groceries or driving you around. Many times, pampering actually helps you feel better.

Take things one day at a time. Make achievable goals so that you’ll feel good about yourself.