Lunchtime Cosmetic Fix: A Younger You within the Day

Cosmetic Fix in MurrayThe signs of aging can still come as a shock; wrinkles or drooping eyelids and other manifestations of the same creeping up on you over the years. Apart from purely vain reasons, maintaining a youthful and energized look helps you stay ahead when it comes to your career. To address these issues, science offers solutions to keep you looking young despite your getting older.

For the busy individual, going under the knife might not be one of the first options. Chances are your schedule simply won’t permit the time required for the procedure and recovery period. Also, it is highly likely that you will not be granted enough paid sick leave since the procedure is elective.

Fortunately, the advancement of technology offers a range of “lunch time” cosmetic fixes (minimally invasive procedures) for a younger you within the day.

Botox Treatments

From smoothing out your wrinkles to stopping excessive sweat, Botox injections offers numerous benefits. According to the Utah Dermatologic & Medical Procedures Clinic, the drug blocks signals from your nerves to the muscles. The freezing effect causes muscles to relax and soften, which smoothens out your wrinkles and minimize the look of crow’s feet.

Getting botox takes only a few minutes . The doctor injects a fine needle to specific parts of the face, with only minor discomfort. After the treatment, it usually takes 7 to 14 days before you see the effects.

In-House Teeth Whitening

Yellowing teeth can also make you look older. Millions of people suffer from teeth discoloration in different degrees. Even if you brush or floss your teeth religiously, you’re still at risk for stained teeth. But with in-house teeth whitening, there is a solution to the problem you may have thought of as hopless.

A complete teeth whitening procedure takes just an hour. The procedure involves application of advanced power light-activated whitening gel to your teeth. As the active ingredients breaks down, oxygen enters the enamel, bleaching the stained surface while leaving the tooth unchanged.

Laser Skin Tightening

This unique facial rejuvenation only takes 30 minutes to an hour to keep your skin looking young and beautiful. The procedure uses an infrared laser to tighten the skin with heated collagen. Before the procedure, doctors will apply anesthetic cream, which guarantees a painless experience. Patients immediately see a visible tightening with zero downtime.

Looking younger doesn’t have to take much of your time. With these quick fixes, you can say hello to a more beautiful you within the day.