Let’s Get Personal: The Art of Giving Gifts

heart necklaceNothing says love and appreciation better than personalized things.  Even teachers agree that the most memorable gifts are the personal ones. When you get a present that you know has a special meaning or connection to the giver, it really does feel more valuable.

It’s the thought that counts

If you are a mom, you probably know that a well-crafted present from your children is truly priceless. From DIY cards children wholeheartedly made, to personalized jewelry from your husband, receiving gifts always brings warmth and joy.

Fit for all occasions

There are plenty of gift-giving opportunities. Whether it’s Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, a birthday or an anniversary, there will always be something that your loved ones can do or make to immortalize a celebration.

It might be a framed photograph from when you first met your husband, or a scrapbook that details your family’s journey.  You can even give your loved one a gift on a regular day. Everyone loves receiving unexpected gifts.

It’s economical

A hand-painted card shows patience, dedication, hope and positivity. A message a young child wants his mom or dad to know strengthens bonds. For Limogès Jewelry, a personalized heart necklace shows a close relationship that can stand the test of time.

Baking sweets mean you want the receiver to know that a little labor made out of love is worth the time and effort. Seeing them smile after the first bite is worth it.

You don’t have to spend bucket loads of cash just to make someone feel loved and special. Having the time for that person or creating something unique sends this very powerful message: You are special, you are loved.