Keeping Your Aging Parents Safe at Home

Nurse helping a seniorIf an elderly parent wishes to age in their own property, you have the responsibility to make and keep their home safe. This is to avoid trips, falls, and other preventable injuries. You can start with taking a look around the house and keeping an out for red flags like broken lights, slippery floors, hot outlets, and other things that be addressed for extra safety.

Get Expert Recommendation

Whether or not your aging parent has mobility issues, Greenwood senior home health care service providers note that it is still important to modify the home to make it safer and easier to navigate. You can consult a physical therapist or home health care aide to recommended changes and projects to make the place a little safer and more comfortable. They may suggest having:

  • A shower chair or water-proof seat
  • A raised or higher toilet seat
  • Slip-resistant rugs (especially in accident-prone areas)
  • Wide doorways, level entrances and walkways
  • Home security systems that are easy to operate
  • Smoke and carbon monoxide alarms
  • Motion sensor lights
  • Bright lights in hallways and stairways

Minimize the Chances of Falls

Falls, as research suggests, are the leading cause of injuries in adults aged 65 and above. The risk of falling rises with aging due to a number of factors such as weakness, balance problems, vision issues, cognitive illness, and others. This only makes it important make a few fixes at home to prevent falls. These include:

  • Removing mats and rugs that tend to slide
  • Adding handrails
  • Fixing raised parts of the floor
  • Providing a lift recliner chair (allowing the elderly to easily move to a standing position)
  • Keeping steps and hallways clear
  • Moving or replacing low furniture pieces
  • Placing cords out the flow of traffic

Hire a Health Care Aide

An in-home healthcare aide can be particularly helpful for those who need help in doing daily tasks such as bathing, preparing meals, and cleaning the house. Aides can also run some errands and accompany your loved one to doctor’s appointment if you’re not available. They can also provide companionship and provide updates on the health of your aging parent.

Pay attention to how your parents are doing at their home to make the place safer and more comfortable. Don’t hesitate to consider health care services that can promote the health and well-being of your loved one.