Important Things for Every Yoga Retreat

Yoga RetreatYou just got that long-awaited vacation, and you just can't wait to hop on the bus for a yoga retreat. You have been looking forward to the retreat for months now, but have no clue what you need to carry; you do not want to over pack or under pack luggage. While practicing yoga only required the body, mind and spirit, modern yoga practitioners need clients to carry a few essential items.

You should factor in the location and length of the retreat when packing your bags. This article lists down the things you need to carry when visiting a yoga and meditation centre.

A Mat

Most yoga studios now have mats for use, but it's always a good idea to take your mat. Though studios wash their mats, it is pretty uncomfortable to spread your body on mats that have been used dozens of times.

Comfy Clothes

While skinny jeans, shorts or skirts may be your usual go-to attire, yoga practice requires comfortable and breathable apparel. Leggings and leotards may come in handy, as they allow your instructor to view your alignment during practices. If attending a retreat for a week or so, be sure to add skirts, jeans for other sessions.

An Inspirational Book

Books keep you busy in between the sessions; they keep you inspired and are an excellent way to kill boredom especially if you are attending a retreat. A yoga and meditation centre may have an online bookstore from which you can choose from.

Stay Hydrated

Yoga studios often provide a bottle of water, but it is healthier to carry your own. Regardless of the style, you practice the body needs to stay hydrated. Bring an insulated bottle in case you are attending hot yoga classes.

Yoga retreats are all about helping your body and mind relax, so there's no need of stressing out on what you need to carry. The most important thing is to be positive and stay calm.