If Mighty Ducks Do It to Achieve More, Why Not School?

school chairsIn one way or the other, you may have seen the Mighty Ducks zoom above in a V-formation. Oh, yes, to be more specific, they’re not actually ducks but geese. But the reason they are doing the V rather than an S-formation as they migrate through the sky is simple: so every geese on the team reaches their destination.

This is nature’s way of showing us working towards a common goal is a lot easier with teamwork. You see, when geese do it, they conserve energy. Birds use the V-formation in flying because of aerodynamics; it allows the bird behind, and the one behind, and so on, to conserve energy. Come to think of it, this virtue is apt for school.

Birds of a Feather

It’s no secret school has one goal: success for everyone, Perm-A-Pleat says. Though success may not be the same for everybody, at least school helps each one get closer to that success, however it is defined. It is also for this reason that a standard must be set – standard in writing, standard in reciting, and a standard in dressing.

You may not dress like you’re going to a dance or a basketball game when you go to school. No, sire. You have to dress for school which for most means donning a school uniform. In Australia, most school dress manufacturers can attest school uniform usually consists of a tie, a blazer and shirt, though hats are also common for private Catholic schools.

Now, if you are new in school, wouldn’t you want to chime in seeing that you are surrounded by students wearing the same uniform as you?

Taking Everyone There

The case for uniforms is an example how each and every one can promote safety. As a study clearly points out, assault and battery incidents dropped by 34 percent in both elementary and middle schools. Same is true for bullying.

School uniforms are not a panacea that immediately cures the bullying and safety incidents at school. It, however, minimizes them, plus gives children a reason to collaborate with their peers.