How Work-Related Stress Can Make You a Candidate For Hypertension and Other Heart Diseases

HypertensionMany people spend their lives working hard to bring home the bacon. While some people are on jobs that are enough to pay the rent, a paper from Harvard and Stanford Business Schools considers ten different job stressors – including lack of health insurance, long working hours and job insecurity – that make every employee (regardless of their profession) more prone to hypertension, cardiovascular disease and decreased mental health.

Risks of Heart Disease

Some epidemiological studies show that people who face these stressors are more likely to develop atherosclerosis, the accumulation of fatty plaques inside blood vessels. According to Mayo Clinic, atherosclerosis refers to the build-up of fats, cholesterol and other fatty substances in and outside the artery walls that can restrict blood flow. When these plaques break loose from the walls, they cause extreme blockages elsewhere, leading to stroke or heart attack. For breadwinners, this means reduced quality of life and more financial allocations.

Preventing a Heart Attack

To prevent work-related stress from taking a toll at your own life, different lifestyle modifications are needed to prevent life-threatening consequences.

Here are a few guidelines to keep you free from cardiovascular diseases and other health risks that are related to your work:

1. Exercise regularly. The American Heart Association says that 30 minutes of exercise five times a week can help improve your heart and reduce your risk of having cardiovascular diseases. Make sure to follow the recommended workout to keep your heart healthy.

2. Keep a balanced diet. Your eating habits play important roles in keeping your heart safe from acquiring diseases. Make sure to eat high portions of vegetables and fruits to keep your heart running smoothly.

3. Visit your doctor regularly. Your doctor may require you to undergo coronary angiogram, says, to check if you heart is in its tiptop condition. Make sure to always follow their advice to gain a healthy heart.

Preventing heart attack and other serious health problems not only depends on how well you handle your work stress. For the most part, you need to prioritise a well-balanced life to live healthy.