How Straight Teeth Can Boost Your Chances of Getting Hired

photo of a female getting hired in a job interviewWhen applying for a new job, your skills and education are not the only things that matter. While they play an important part, interviewers and employers also take note of the way you present yourself. Your smile, for instance, is one of the first things that most people notice and is crucial to making a good first impression. In fact, studies suggest that crooked teeth can hinder your chances of getting hired.

If you’re applying for a job, a trip to the dentist can improve your oral health and boost your chances of getting the position. Williams Orthodontics and other orthodontic clinics share how a perfect set of straight teeth can work in your favor:

Speak with confidence.

When you have misaligned teeth, your self-confidence suffers. It can cause you to speak with hesitation, especially if you’re embarrassed with the way your smile looks. This can make the employer assume that you’re not right for the job. With orthodontic treatment, however, you can be confident in talking or showing off your straight teeth.

Smile or laugh comfortably.

If you have crooked teeth, you might feel uncomfortable to smile or laugh in public. As you’re trying not to show your teeth, you might feel guarded, causing to give hesitant or infrequent smiles to the employer. Smiling will never be a problem if you have straight teeth, as you’ll always be confident to flash your smile.

Appear happier and more attractive. 

Having a set of straight teeth can make you appear healthier, happier, and more attractive. This is important in making a great first impression, especially when applying for a job or going to an interview. Having your teeth fix or straightened can improve your overall attractiveness and help you land your dream job.

Avoid speech issues.

Misaligned teeth don’t just compromise your smile and appearance; they can also affect your speech clarity. Speech impediments include lisp, stuttering, or finding it challenging to pronounce certain words. If you, for instance, have gaps between your teeth, the air can escape while and affect the correct placement of the tongue.

Don’t let crooked teeth negatively affect your chances of getting hired. See an orthodontist to learn more about the type of braces that suit your budget and personal preferences.