How Brushing the Teeth Can Benefit Your General Health

Guy brushing his teethClean teeth and fresh breath boost your self-esteem and make you smile confidently. But there is more to it that you can gain. You can ask your dentist at your dental clinic in Medford for all the benefits.

Here are some surprising perks of brushing your teeth.

Brushing the teeth can help women conceive

A study revealed that women with gum disease conceived after seven months while those who regularly brushed and flossed conceived after five months. This is due to the bacteria that cause gum disease, which increases the time to get pregnant.

They release chemicals that enter the bloodstream and can stress the body; thus, putting off conception. If you’re having a hard time conceiving, perhaps a dentist could help you. If you’re in Medford, there are reputable dental clinics that you can visit.

Good oral hygiene can prevent respiratory infections

Researchers have found out that patients who suffer from severe respiratory infections also happen to have poor oral health. The harmful bacteria in the mouth enter the lower respiratory tract by way of inhalation. This can lead to respiratory infection or can make the condition worse if you already have one.

Brushing the teeth can prevent colorectal cancer

Fusobacterium nucleatum, a bacterium that thrives in the mouth because of poor oral hygiene, is most likely to multiply in a low-oxygen environment. This favors colorectal tumors to generate. Brushing your teeth can help eradicate this kind of bacterium, thus preventing colorectal cancer.

Brushing the teeth can enhance cognitive ability

A study that measures adult IQ revealed that people with periodontal swelling scored lower on Digit Symbol Test (DST) than those with no oral health concerns.

Another related study reported that adults aged 20 to 59 who have gingivitis and advanced gum disease are at risk of cognitive dysfunction as compared to those who regularly observe oral hygiene.

Brushing the teeth can inhibit sexual problems.

A British study reported that more than 15 percent of the subjects with erectile dysfunction had chronic gum disease. The bacteria caused by not brushing the teeth enter the bloodstream, making the penile blood vessels to narrow; hence, the occurrence of erectile dysfunction.

Meanwhile, a related study also showed that regular teeth brushing could improve sperm count.

To enjoy these surprising benefits, make it a habit to brush your teeth. By doing so, you don’t just take care of your mouth but your whole body as well.