Home Diaries: Go Alfresco for a Healthier You

Alfresco HomeThere are many reasons Perth is home to numerous alfresco dining establishments. For one thing, eating outdoors is an enjoyable activity, with the nice weather and stunning city views. Studies from the Harvard Health Publications also show that going alfresco has many health benefits.

If you have an outdoor living space in your home, why not maximise and experience the benefits of having this area? The Perth bistro blinds providers of ActionAwnings.com.au share the following positive improvements that you can enjoy with your alfresco space:

  1. Boost your Vitamin D levels.

By spending time in your alfresco area, you get more sun exposure. This can help increase your vitamin D levels in the body. This vitamin offers a range of benefits to your immune, cardiovascular and skeletal system.

  1. Melt away your tension, anxieties and worries.

When you do not feel the heat of the sun on your skin for an extended period, you are inching your way closer to unnecessary tension, anxiety and worries. Your mood turns foul faster, and you are at a greater risk of developing emotional imbalance.

You do not have to go to a luxury vacation jut to get rid of these negative emotions and thoughts. A few hours out in the sun can already help ease your worries; spending time in your alfresco area is a great way to achieve this.

  1. Obtain sharper memory and better focus.

Some studies have shown that spending time outdoors helps in keeping problems with memory and focus at bay. When you spend too much time shacked up indoors, you are likely to have difficulty performing activities that require attention to detail.

Do not restrict yourself inside your home all the time. Utilise your home’s alfresco area to enjoy peace and quiet, while becoming more focused.

With a few furniture pieces and a bit of creative floor planning, you can turn your alfresco space into a quiet retreat for the household.