Health Protection for Life: Understanding MediShield

Health CareMediShield is a health insurance coverage provided for all Singaporeans and permanent residents in the country, which includes even those with severe medical conditions.

Essentially, MediShield is your most basic form of health insurance managed by Central Provident Fund (CPF) Board. This can help you pay costly hospital bills and outpatient procedures, including chemotherapy and dialysis. The MediShield health insurance plan is common on subsidised treatment in public hospitals, specifically in Class B2 and C wards.

If you wish to stay or get treatment from a private hospital or a Class A or B1 ward in a public hospital, you will still get some coverage. Take note, however, that as costs increase due to minimal or no subsidy from the government, you may need to pay the majority of the bills either by cash or Medisave. You can also purchase an extra private insurance plan, also known as IP or Integrated Shield Plan.

MediShield and Integrated Shield Plans

Aside from MediShield, most Singaporeans also have private hospitalisation coverage from Integrated Shield Plans (IPs). Integrated Shield Plans consists of the MediShield coverage from the CPF Board and the extra private coverage administered by independent insurance companies. You usually use this for covering wards or Class A and B1 in either private or public hospitals.

This essentially means that MediShield similarly covers those with IPs or MediShield Integrated Plans. In addition, take note that premiums you disburse for your IP include premiums for your MediShield, as well, as MediShield is already part of the Integrated Shield Plan.

MediShield to MediShield Life

MediShield Life will replace MediShield before 2015 ends, offering you better health insurance coverage. You do not have to do anything to qualify as it is a replacement and not a supplement to the original MediShield. Considering that they are eligible, those people with MediShield Integrated Plans may likewise obtain subsidies for the MediShield Life component of their IPs.