Getting Help: Signs of Addiction That You Shouldn’t Miss

Signs of Addiction in FarmingtonThere are various types of addiction — and the earlier you get to read signs, the better. If you think you or someone you know is suffering, take a look at the signs below, and get some help!

  1. Withdrawal from Society

When someone hides deliberately from society, it may mean he’s suffering from something that he does not want to talk about. This also goes for unexplained absences at school or work. When someone fails to show up — over and over again — it may be because of something deeper.

  1. Extreme Happiness or Sadness

Mood swings are common to addicts. At times, they’d be extremely high and euphoric — even at the worst times, making you wonder why. When not euphoric, they could be sad and depressed — they’d ponder over the state of their lives, and not be happy about anything at all — which could be quite a problem because it leads to worse things — such as suicide.

  1. Anxiety

Addicts could suffer from extreme anxiety. They could worry about anything and everything — even the littlest things could make them worry and cry. Sometimes, it’s an effect of the drug. Other times, it’s really just the state of their mind.

  1. Strong cravings

Addicts would crave for whatever it is they’re addicted to. They’d look for alcohol for the most part of the day; smoke cigarettes like chimneys, or won’t go to sleep without taking drugs — even if it’s prescription medicine that they’re already overdosing on!

  1. Suicidal Tendencies

Finally, when worse comes to worst, addicts may be quite suicidal: they may give their belongings away, write to friends, or ultimately withdraw from society, planning their next “move”. At this point, it’s really a life or death situation — so before you get to this, Renaissance Ranch Outpatient says you may want to think of getting the help of outpatient substance abuse treatment in Farmington, among others.

Addictions are never easy, but most of the time, they’re tragic cries for help. Make sure that you learn how to read signs — so you can get all the help you need!