Get Smart with Your Teeth Straightening Solutions

Oral HealthIn the technologically-advanced dental industry, teeth straightening procedures have come a long way. While traditional braces are still a popular option, there are modern approaches to getting a person’s teeth straightened out. There are even treatments that are almost impossible to notice, as pointed out by the British Dental Health Foundation.

It is common to want straight teeth for improved dental functions and overall health. Additionally, properly aligning teeth through correct dental intervention is a wise financial decision.

Before you choose any kind of treatment, however, it pays to be more knowledgeable about your options, as you now have plenty.

Conventional Braces

These teeth straighteners usemetal brackets and wires to move the teeth into their correct positions. They are placed on the visible (front) side of the teeth. Although they are less costly than most procedures, you wear them for a longer time.

And because they are applied on the front side of the teeth, they may have an impact on a person’s appearance. says the orthodontist will take impressions of your teeth as part of the treatment.

Inman Aligner

The major advantage of the Inman Aligner is that it shows results quickly. Many patients have noticed a considerable difference in the alignment of their teeth within just two to three months. Like traditional braces, though, these are visible, but they are removable, which makes eating and drinking, as well as cleaning them and your teeth, gums and tongue easier.


Mentioned by as a ‘discreet teeth straightening solution’, the biggest advantage of this system is that the braces are almost invisible, as they are made of clear plastic.

When you choose to work with an orthodontist offering Invisalign braces in Leicester, your doctor will create aligners tailored to your teeth, which you will then wear for two weeks. After this, you receive a new set and wear them until you achieve the desired results.

There are some orthodontists who specialise in various types of teeth straightening treatments, so if you are unsure which one is best for you, do not hesitate to go for a consultation. Explore your  options and determine the most appropriate treatment for your needs.