Fostering Independence at a Young Age Through Boarding Schools

Boarding School in ProvoMany parents are on the fence about sending their children to boarding schools and their worries are valid. With the way movies, books, and TV shows depict these, they have the right to worry about their children’s safety during their time away to attend school in a place where their parents can’t reprimand them.

If you’re thinking of sending your son to boarding school, here are a few things that may alleviate the negative impressions you have about them.

Safety is always a priority

Trust boarding schools to keep your children safe as their teachers also function as second parents when it comes to supervising. They enforce rules on the get-go and students, your child included, will eventually learn how to abide these because if they don’t, then they must face the consequences.

Rules are essential in keeping students disciplined

As aforementioned, they enforce strict policies for students to follow. Most schools have zero tolerance towards disobedience, which is why suspensions and expulsions are quite common here.

Curfews, internet shut-offs, and permissions before going out of the campus are just some of the rules they have. While this won’t prevent children from trying to push the limits and experimenting, the consequences are enough to instill some kind of fear in them.

Well-stocked libraries and facilities

Boarding schools established a long time ago have extensive archives, which can be helpful to your child throughout their time spent in the academy. Over the years, most institutions will have morphed their libraries into media centers.

They will learn how to live independently

Perhaps one of the most important things that your child will learn in boarding school – independence. Without you, your child will learn how to pick up after themselves, budget their allowances, and establish lasting relationships all on their own.

They encourage discussions in class and being smart is cool

There are institutions where they encourage students to engage in discussions, which sometimes turn into heated arguments. This isn’t a common scene in most high schools – unless your child is in the debate club.

Here, your child will learn that their opinions are valid, if they’re within reason and that another person’s beliefs should be respected but may not always be agreed to.

Sending your child to boarding school isn’t a way of sending your child away because you don’t want to handle their teenage angst, you should make them understand that. Boarding school is a good place to make your child get used to living independently in an academic setting. Who knows, the experience can be liberating and helpful to their transition into adulthood.