Flu Season Safety Guide: Here’s What to Do

a woman getting a flu shotFlu season is far from over, with 13 weeks left in the cycle, Patch.com reports. This means there are still plenty of opportunities for you to contract the disease, and with the number of people who have died because of it, you’ll want to be safe.

Worried that you’re vulnerable to influenza? Here are some ways to protect yourself:

Get Flu Shots

A clinic in Tinley Park, Il like hstinleypark.com can be your life-saver. They should have flu shots available for adults over 19 years old, and older adults who were not vaccinated. Children may also be vaccinated in health centers.

This is the most effective way of protecting yourself from the influenza epidemic, so don’t delay the visit especially if you’ve got children in the family.

Wash Your Hands

Do this even after the flu season is over. Your hands are in contact with plenty of dirty surfaces, and you are also bringing your hands to your mouth, eyes, and other parts that may be infected if you don’t keep them clean. It’s not enough to just wet your hands, though. Use an antibacterial soap and follow the right way to wash your hands, to keep bacteria away. Wash your hands for 15 seconds using warm water.

Avoid Close Contact

The flu virus can be transferred from one person to another easily, especially if you’re in the vicinity of someone infected who sneezed or coughed. If you don’t wash your hands, the possibility of being infected is even bigger. If there’s no reason for you to be in crowded places, avoid them for now. When someone in the family is in the hospital, minimize your interactions in the emergency room, as you may be subjected to the virus from the sick people who are there.

Even after the flu season is over, these will still help you be less vulnerable to easily transmitted illnesses. Keep yourself and your family safe by being proactive.