Fitness in Australia: The Growing Sector Worth $1.3 Billion

Fitness GymIt’s not just a fad; people’s relationship with fitness is growing in popularity and it doesn’t seem to be here just for the moment. Australians are becoming more concerned about the effects of a sedentary lifestyle and indulgence, so they are looking to lose pounds and gain more muscle and energy.

Fitness Tech

Gyms are everywhere, and even tech companies are cashing in. You don’t just run now; you track your progress using an app on your phone which may or may not be connected to a sensor in your running shoes. Somewhere down the road you also have to take that obligatory selfie, which is partly responsible for creating the fitness boom. Your Instagram feed will tell you why and how.

Gym Competition

Gyms sprouting on every corner also mean they are charging a little less than they would if they were hard to find. This is also good news. The average person can afford to go in there and sweat it out. And when you have a gym, you can also sell energy drinks, bottled water and some snacks, which is good news for gym owners and other complimentary businesses.

Personal Training

The fitness industry offers excellent opportunities for a career as well. With Cert 3 and 4 in fitness, you can legally practice as a personal fitness trainer.

You might be thinking, you can become a trainer, but you don’t have your own gym. This should not be a problem. You can partner up with a gym or become a gym employee. You may also forego the gym and go directly to clients. You just have to pay a fee to the local council and you will be allowed to use parks and beaches for working with your clients.

The fitness sector in Australia is worth an estimated AU$1.3 billion. There’s no reason you can’t get your share of the significant sum, whilst also taking great care of your body and helping others do the same.