Eyebrow Implants: Learn the Process and Why It’s Right for You

Eyebrow Implants in Sterling HeightsAre you used to constantly plucking or waxing your eyebrows that one day they just stopped growing and you feel like an utter mess? Maybe you had an unfortunate accident which destroyed the underlying hair follicles in a permanent sense.

Nonetheless, an underlying condition causing you to shed your eyebrows excessively or permanently may have brought upon this predicament. In order to go about this, you may choose to consult a hair restoration specialist who can perform eyebrow implants for you.

No Need for Complicated Steps

One thing you would learn about this procedure is that it is actually very simple and safe. Moreover, the procedure can only last a total of 6 hours, depending on your own needs. The good thing about this is that it can be performed on an outpatient basis so you no longer have to be admitted and spend the night in the hospital.

But while the procedure is relatively quick, you should get a hold of your patients since the actual results can only take fruit after several months. There may also be an initial shedding event, which you should understand to be a normal part of the body’s reaction.

The Transplant can Feel Perfectly Natural

So where will the hair be taken in the first place? In the case of partial loss, the other eyebrow may be used as a source. On the other hand, other appropriate parts of your body such as the backs of the ears or the upper thighs may be used to source the grafts. The specialist should be mindful of using the proper angle to create a natural look.

Your brows are very important in forming the appeal of your face. They can make your look strong, defined, and proportioned. Don’t let yourself be too conscious with poorly shaped or textured eyebrows. By going through an implant, you will bring your appearance back to normal or to an even better state.