Experts: Young Men Must be Wary of Hair Transplants in Their 20s

Hair Loss at Your 20sWhen talking about male hair loss, familiar images come to mind, including images of older (usually middle-aged men) with large balding spots. But hair loss isn’t exclusive to older males. Even young people still in their 20s can suffer from hair loss. Anything that’s deemed excessive is known as alopecia, which is caused by numerous physical issues including mental/physical stress or even food poisoning. Nobody is invulnerable to such a condition, too.

If this happens, young men in their 20s are in for a different emotional experience. They’re still at a stage where physical appearance tends to be a primary concern. They resort to various methods to either treat or cover up their hair loss. Among the more popular (and effective) treatments is a hair transplant, like those to offered at a local Manchester hair clinic.

A Few Warnings

Experts, however, advise young men in their 20s to be conscious of hair transplant procedures. One of the reasons is the hair loss process being ‘incomplete’ at their age. While major areas of the scalp are immediately populated with transplanted follicles, other areas may still continue losing hair. This could lead to an unnatural look in the long run — i.e. an ‘island’ of thick hair surrounded by bald spots.

A hair transplant for a man in his 20s is essentially premature. There are other underlying reasons too. For instance, transplant surgeons often pick the hair follicles at the back of the head for an operation. These follicles are permanent, and they’ll never shed off. They are perfect for transplantation to the top of the head, where aesthetics is more apparent.

Any young man still has several years left to lose all his hair in a given region. If the transplanted hair grows healthily on the crown and near the headline, it might mean that the hairs on the sides or at the back will come off. Again, this goes back to problems with uneven hair distribution.

For visually appealing results, experts advise that young men wait a little longer until they’ve lost enough hair. The wait might be tough, but after-treatment results will be worth it.