Experiences You can Only Have in Hong Kong

Hong KongMost travel destinations have generic features, like beautiful sites and delicious food. This, however, is not true for Hong Kong. While there may be sprinkles of familiarity in the city, there are some that you need to find in the most unusual of places.

Your extraordinary trip to Hong Kong begins with experiencing what the city offers exclusively. TributeHotels.com brings you closer to them in the heart of the beautiful and exciting city of HK.

Let this article tell you some of the things you can only experience when you visit Hong Kong.

Witness Thrilling Construction Sites

Only in Hong Kong will you be able to witness the live version of Jackie Chan’s real-life application of his stunt in Rush Hour 2. This involves him climbing up (very quickly) the bamboo scaffolding of an infrastructure. Now, imagine seeing an average local do the same — heart stopping.

Eat at a Michelin-Star Restaurant for Cheap

The city is known for its one-of-a-kind cuisine and exciting food adventure. One thing you can only do in Hong Kong; however, is eat at a Michelin-star restaurant for less than $10.

You can also find different fusion food to excite your taste buds, and the so-called best Italian food out of Italy.

Party in a Hundred Bars in One District

The Lang Kwai Fong is a popular area in HK, especially for its crammed streets filled with entertainment establishments. From bars, to restaurants, clubs and shops, you don’t have to travel far to shop, dance and have a good time in this area.

Get Value for Your Money

Ever wondered why shopping is so much better in Hong Kong? It’s probably because they have the world’s lowest salary tax rate and zero sales rate tax. It is only in the city where you will experience the luxury of getting the most out of your hard-earned money, literally and figuratively.

Behold the Sites of the Most Number of Skyscrapers in One City

Hong Kong is home to 1,251 skyscrapers — more than twice of those in NY and Singapore. The highly building-dense city has turned Hong Kong into a city of lights; one of the many things it is known for.

With blaring neon lights and signs, expect to see the display of lights like nowhere else.

While it is normal to do the usual tourist stuff, why not experience something you can only do or see in HK? Try the following and make your trip to Hong Kong unique and exciting at the same time.