Engagement and Marriage: Which Ring on Which Finger?

Engagement RingWearing the engagement or wedding ring on the fourth finger has always been a tradition. The meaning behind the tradition is romantic, but not necessarily true.

The belief stems from the story that ancient Romans believed in a vein that ran directly to the heart — also known as the Vena Amoris or Vein of Love. The idea intrigued most couples and since they want to showcase their love, they wear the very symbol on that lifeline.

But apparently, there’s no such vein. Still, couples choose to wear their rings on the fourth finger on the left hand.

Engagement Rings: Roots from Austria

The first recorded use of engagement rings occurred in 1477, when Archduke Maximilian of Austria declared his love for Mary of Burgundy by presenting her with a ring. The ring featured today’s baguette diamonds, which sparked the engagement ring trend.

According to RingsUnique.com, diamonds have always been the go-to option for most couples. These rocks symbolize eternal love, as well as their commitment to one another. Since diamonds are the hardest substances on earth, it is the perfect choice to represent one’s promise of forever.

But diamonds aren’t the only options for your engagement ring. Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton flashes a beautiful blue sapphire ring while Carrie Underwood’s ring features a stunning canary yellow diamond.

Which Finger Does your Wedding Ring Go?

If you plan to wear your wedding band along with your engagement ring, you don’t have to remove one of them. Most married people wear their bands below their sparklers.

Some brides move their engagement rings to the right hand as they meet their grooms down the aisle. That way, their fiancés can easily slip the wedding band on their left ring finger. You can always place the engagement ring on top of it later.

After the wedding, you can wear your rings however you like them. In America, the most popular way is to have both rings on one finger — wedding band first, then your engagement ring. But you can also wear them separately.

Ring customs are fascinating. Still, no matter how you wear your ring, however, it’ll always be a symbol of your love for your partner.