Emergency Dental Care

Dental CareWhen it comes to tooth pain and injury it is important to know what kind of injuries require emergency care in order to visit your emergency dentist as soon as possible or avoid unnecessary visits to the emergency room. Teeth accidents happen all the time but it is important to prioritise whether you are ought to see an emergency dentist or not since some injuries require immediate treatment while others can wait for a few hours or days.

Common types of tooth injuries and trauma include cracked, broken or completely knocked out teeth. Small chips and dents on your teeth which can be the result of biting very hard food, can be treated during a regular visit to the dentist and do not require immediate dental treatment by an emergency dentist. On the other hand, severe mouth trauma caused by accidents that involve a large piece of tooth missing or a tooth which has fallen completely out of the gum, are reasons to visit an emergency dentist immediately because time can be of the essence.

The emergency dentists at The Polwarth Dental Clinic in Edinburgh are trained to handle any tooth-related emergency and will strive to offer a pain-free solution quickly and effectively. However, while you are waiting for an appointment with the emergency dentist there are a few things you can do on your own to ease your pain and facilitate restoration by your emergency dentist.

For instance, if one of your teeth has been knocked out completely make sure you handle it as little as possible with bare hands. It is recommended that you try to put it back into the socket by biting gently on a soft fabric or a used tea bag. Be careful, however not to shallow your tooth. If you are unable to restore your tooth back to your gum, then you should clean it with lots of water to remove dirt and store it in a clean container with milk or your saliva. Then apply a cold, wet compress on the tooth gap to minimize pain, swelling and bleeding. By following these stages there is an increasing chance that your tooth can be saved by an emergency dentist.