Effective Pointers for the Family Reunion Emcee

Family Reunion When the family selects you as the host of your latest reunion, you stand on stage and act as the emcee for the night’s activities while keeping everyone in good spirits. You have to come up with your own script and some activities to make the event memorable and enjoyable. Before you start panicking, read the following pointers:

Create (or Recreate) The Program

Creating the program is easy enough. However, most programs do not have provisions for sudden changes or delays, such as when the food hasn’t been served yet or the guest of honour is late.

Prepare an alternative list for the program and activities. Having something to do when things don’t go according to plan can save your event, if not your reputation.

Find a Co-Host

Don’t feel embarrassed at admitting you can’t do it alone. Hire a professional emcee if you feel that you don’t have enough experience or courage to take control of the stage.

Having a relative is also an option,  since you’d be more comfortable working with someone you know. But if both of you are novices, try asking your venue or event planner for an affordable emcee. According to Hatch & Co., some venues in Brisbane have events teams to help you find emcees.

Sharpen Your Senses

This isn’t just about sensing the audience’s mood or quirks, although that’s also a requirement. Share jokes, anecdotes and actual true stories that the family will understand. Mirror.co.uk has some jokes to get you started.  Practice on some of your friends or co-workers before the event.

Take these tips to heart, go out there and enjoy yourself. When you have fun, you can deliver your lines well and encourage everyone to feel happy, too. Good luck!