Effective Diabetes Management is Only Possible with Lifestyle Modifications

Nurse checking blood sugarA total of 400 million people around the world suffer from Type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM). The prevalence will only double in the next two decades according to predictions. Good glycemic control is the goal of effective medical management.

Lifestyle modifications

Lifestyle changes are essential in diabetes management here in Provo. Residents who deal with the illness every day attest to the importance of changing their eating habits and maintaining optimal body weight.

Therapeutic options for medical management will not succeed without lifestyle modifications. Achieving metabolic control is essential for long-term management and prevention of complications.

Weight loss

Obesity is an important underlying risk factor for T2DM. An obese person has to lose weight, or face the risk of cardiovascular complications. One can set a goal to achieve ideal body mass index (BMI) and maintain it for life. This can be very difficult indeed.

Obesity is a problem influenced not only by diet but also by hormonal imbalance and a person’s response to exercise. A structured weight loss program is necessary for the effective control of blood glucose levels.

Balanced meals

You already know it is important to avoid beverages that are rich in sugar or other forms of sweeteners. There are other things to watch out for. Every meal you eat from the time the physician diagnosed you with T2DM should be prepared thoughtfully – with balance in mind.

At the heart of diabetes is a problem with metabolism of energy sources – food. If you do not mind your meals, then your medications will not work optimally. Your body’s stress levels will only increase, which may lead to secondary complications and other chronic medical conditions.

Also, since insulin is directly responsible for blood sugar levels, you must coordinate the meals you partake with prescribed medications.

Studies published in medical journals state that lifestyle modifications are effective in improving the outcomes of T2DM management. Perhaps you should pay more attention to what the experts say.