Don’t be a Scale Junkie: The Problem with Weighing Yourself Every Day

woman holidng a weighing scaleIf you’re trying to lose weight or get in shape, it’s only natural that you want to see the results of your hard work right away. In most cases, this involves weighing yourself (almost every day) and hoping that you’ll see a lower number on the scale. The thing is, however, trying to watch that scale every single day can mislead and discourage you, especially if the number stops going down.

Fitness studios for women in Acton, MA notes that number on the scale doesn’t tell the whole story of your weight loss efforts. Here is why you should stop weighing yourself every single day:

Your weight changes throughout the day (and under certain conditions)

The number you’re seeing on the scale depends on a lot of factors, such as your diet, the amount of sodium in your food, the type of clothing you’re wearing, the amount of water you drank, and even the time of the day you weigh yourself. This is why you’re likely to see a different result before and after working out or after a day of eating. The best thing you could do is to quit the scale and continue with your efforts.

Your weight does not define you

happy woman while on weighing scaleIf you couldn’t keep yourself from staring at the scale, you probably don’t know how it can affect your life. Take a break from weighing yourself for a couple of months or even a year and see what happens. Assess your feelings, your fears, and the way you see your shape or your body. You may probably notice that not putting your weight at the center of your life can help you focus on more your fitness routine and eating responsibly.

Your weight is just a number (or a single piece of information)

While there are certain cases when your weight matters, especially when prescribing medicine or getting surgery, it is not the standard for weight and fat loss. The scale, furthermore, cannot measure other significant factors, such as your muscle mass, fat levels, and what and when you ate last. There are also cases when you will see a big difference in your body composition and still weigh the same, which could be an indicator that you’re building muscle and getting stronger.

Getting the body you want may seem like a long journey, but its best not to quit. You can still weigh yourself, especially at the first few weeks, but it’s recommended to be consistent and motivated without stepping on the scale every single day.