Do Orthodontic Treatments Take Several Years? Here’s Debunking the Myth

woman wearing braces“Orthodontic treatment takes years.” Is this myth discouraging you from seeking the help you need to achieve a good bite and a beautiful smile? Here are facts to set the record straight on the time you need to complete orthodontic treatment.

1. Advances in technology have made treatment fast

Changes in technology have significantly reduced the time needed to achieve desired orthodontic results. Courtesy of new technologies, just about every type of orthodontic treatment is now relatively fast.

2. The time required varies from patient to patient

Once your orthodontist in Canton ascertains you can benefit from orthodontic treatment, the professional will develop a personalized treatment plan for you. Regarding the length of treatment, the orthodontist will consider your problem, preferred treatment, and advise accordingly.
You may only need a few months of treatment if your case is simple. Conversely, your treatment may take a relatively long time if you need complete bite correction.

3. Adherence to orthodontist’s instructions influences the time

Experienced orthodontists have the skills to deliver a beautiful smile and a healthy bite in the least length of time. However, to complete your treatment as scheduled, you will need to follow all of your orthodontist’s instructions.

Those instructions will include guidelines on how to wear removable devices, how to brush and floss and when to visit your dentist.

4. Wrong practices can prolong treatment

Ignoring professional instructions and following the wrong advice can extend the time for braces. For instance, some people wear additional rubber bands trying to speed up treatment. Unfortunately, wearing more rubber bands than necessary could potentially prolong orthodontic treatment.

That may happen if the extra force moves teeth in undesirable ways. Only listen to your orthodontist.

The time needed for orthodontic treatment varies from individual to individual. How long you stay in treatment will depend on the severity of your problem, available space, the distance your teeth need to travel, and your oral health.

You will complete treatment on schedule if you carefully follow your orthodontist’s instructions.