Do Giant Bites Hurt Your Oral Health?

Girl with Jaw PainPeople who lead a busy life often take meals for granted. Most eat in a hurry, consume meals while standing up, or take big bites to get back to work quickly. Giant pizza slices, burgers, and other delicacies have also become common, causing people to open their mouth wider and stuff their mouth full.

Super-Sized Foods and TMD

Here’s the sad truth: Stuffing your mouth or taking extremely big bites could hurt your teeth and jaws. This is especially true for those with temporomandibular joint disorder (TMD), which restricts the acceptable bite size. Super-sized foods that larger are than the human mouth can aggravate the condition. It’s always advisable to take smaller bites to avoid the risk of having TMD and prevent making it worse.

Chewing Food Thoroughly

In the case of chewing too much food, this can cause stress and injury to the teeth and gums. If you take a large bite, for instance, it’s unlikely that you can chew your food thoroughly. This may contribute to weight gain and digestive problems. and other Meridian family dentists suggest cutting food into smaller bites to give you more time to chew properly. This can also satisfy your hunger and cause you to eat less. Remember that mindless eating can make you fat.

Hard Foods and Your Teeth

Apart from taking big bites, it’s also not advisable to chew hard food like candy or ice. Doing so can crack or chip the tooth surface or break dental restorations. You should also not use your teeth to chew on pencils or to open bottles and other food packages. These habits can put too much stress on teeth, resulting in dental issues and expensive treatments.

Your teeth and jaws are resilient, but they are not indestructible. It is important to give them proper care and attention to avoid damage and jaw pain. If you experience any discomfort when biting or chewing food, schedule an appointment with your dentist. This is to identify the cause of the problem and improve your oral health.