Dispelling 3 Myths about B&Bs

Breakfast on bedBed and Breakfast (B&B) is easily one of the misunderstood accommodations out there. Although B&Bs have been around for quite some time now, many still believe that they are run by incompetent, unprofessional innkeepers who do it for a hobby.

This is just one of the many B&B myths that persist today, which may have their roots in the days before most travellers even knew what a B&B was. For a holiday-seeker like you, it is useful to unlearn the myths and get to know little-known facts about these understated accommodations.

Myth 1: There is very little privacy.

Today, the majority of inns have plenty of privacy. Bailbooklodge.co.uk, a popular boutique B&B in Bath, says good B&Bs offer rooms that are quiet and free of interruption. Contrary to the old belief, you will not be forced to interact with other guests, or sit down with the innkeeper to look at old family photographs. In most cases, innkeepers are very concerned about your privacy and will respect it at all costs.

Myth 2: For breakfast, innkeepers just whip something up.

We call it bed and breakfast for a reason – that the better of them put a lot of thought into the quality of what they serve and give you award-winning breakfasts. B&Bs, with a very few exceptions, plan their breakfast days or even weeks in advance.

Myth 3: B&Bs are not for business travellers.

Business travellers often steer clear of B&Bs, thinking they are unwelcome. Little do they know most B&Bs offer the facilities ideal to this particular type of guests, and many will even offer a discount for an extended stay. While this myth may have been true a decade ago, and is still true to some degree, many high-quality B&Bs cater to corporate travellers.

Just like hotels, there are good B&Bs and bad B&Bs, so it is important that you find the right one. Next time you go on holiday, try doing a bit of research on the best B&Bs out there, or you will miss out on the most relaxing, most unique getaway of your life.