Cosmetic Dentistry: Should You Get Veneers?


Veneers are one of the quickest ways to achieve that perfect smile. It is considered the ideal treatment for individuals with chipped or stained teeth, or tooth gaps. Many people are now considering whether to use veneers. In London and many cities, people are opting for this treatment. Below are some important things to know before you consider getting one.

What Exactly are Veneers?

A veneer is basically a narrow piece of porcelain that could be utilised for recreating the appearance of natural teeth. It also offers durability and strength that is comparable to the enamel of natural teeth. They are customised to your teeth’s contour and bonded to your original tooth enamel in several in-office sessions. Veneers are among the most widely used cosmetic treatments in dentistry, usually for addressing the following:

  1. Cracked, and chipped teeth: These usually prevent people from feeling good about their smiles. Veneers could easily hide all the cracks and chips to make people more confident of their smiles.
  2. Tooth discolourations: Although professional whitening treatments really work, some people might be better off with veneers, especially if other issues aside from discolouration is involved.
  3. Uneven teeth: Whether it is due to teeth clenching or grinding, some individuals have uneven teeth, with some teeth being worn down or shorter than others. Veneers could easily improve uneven teeth to give you an even smile.
  4. Teeth gaps: For a long time, braces were the only option for closing teeth gaps. These days, some opt for less invasive treatments, such as veneers.

Some Other Things to Note About Veneers

Veneers come in different materials, including porcelain (the most common), and composite resin, which could last from 10  to 20 years. However, they could also break or chip, just like your natural teeth, so proper care is necessary. In the event that it does break or chip, you could either have it repaired or get a new one fitted.

Plenty of people have used veneers to get the perfect smile they’ve wanted. Consult your dentist if this minimally invasive cosmetic treatment is for you, so you could transform your discoloured, badly worn, crooked, damaged, or uneven teeth to a perfect movie star smile.