Common Cosmetic Dentistry Questions

Cosmetic DentistsSuccessful cosmetic dentistry is about combining appearance and function to create beautiful smiles. Great cosmetic dentists should have sufficient training, years of experience and a high level of technical skill.

Cosmetic dentists, such as the ones at Simply Teeth in Essex, combine experience and creativity to provide the desired result. Cosmetic dentistry offers many options to improve the way your teeth look, feel and function. From simple teeth whitening to porcelain veneers and dental implants, cosmetic dentistry can help you achieve the smile of your dreams.

If you are considering cosmetic dentistry treatments for your dental problems, you will probably have many questions. Here are a few of them answered.

How Do I Choose the Right Cosmetic Dentist?

Before you start looking for a dentist, it is really important to determine what you want to change about your smile and your teeth. Choosing the right dentist for a specific problem is an important step in this direction. Look for a cosmetic dentist who has good social skills, can answer your questions and concerns and whom you feel comfortable with. If needed, request to see examples of the dentist’s previous work before proceeding with the treatment.

What Will My Cosmetic Dentistry Treatment Plan Look Like?

Your individual treatment plan will consist of the recommended therapies based on the examination conducted by your dentist. A detailed treatment plan should include information on the treatment or treatments required, a presentation of the costs involved and an approximate timeline.

How Long Does it Take?

The duration of the treatment largely depends on your unique situation and the type of treatment required. While cosmetic dentistry treatments such as teeth whitening and porcelain veneers can take place in a few visits, more complex treatments such as teeth straightening and dental implants, will take longer.

What are My Treatment Options?

Nowadays, cosmetic dentists offer a wide variety of treatments to accommodate every need. Some of the most popular treatments include porcelain veneers, teeth whitening, dental implants, composite bonding and full smile makeovers. Your dentist will recommend a treatment plan (which may consist of more than one option) based on how you want your smile to be.