Colourful Bags of Support: Bean Bags for Children with Autism

Bean BagA comfortable bean bag chair can do much more for children, especially for those with autism.

Autism is a medical condition that affects a growing number of children in the world. In Australia, the Department of Health reports one out of 175 children in the country is autistic. The Australian Bureau of Statistics also adds that 88% of children with autism suffer from learning disabilities, therefore reiterating the need for support systems.

The Need for Stable Support

Children with autism often experience sensory integration dysfunction. This means that the child’s brain cannot process relevant sensory information in an orderly manner. As a result, a condition called hypotonia plagues most kids on the spectrum.

Hypotonia is not a medical disorder; it is symptom from a combination of muscle and neurological disorders that cause frail muscles. Currently, researchers are still attempting to discover why children with autism often suffer from this condition

Therapy for autism helps children cope with sensory dysfunction, as well as support for their frail bodies. Parents can rely on bean bags for supporting autistic children.

How Bean Bags can Help

Some children with autism find it difficult to sit in wooden or other traditional chairs. According to, Bean bag lounge chairs offer a more comfortable option, allowing the child to twist and turn with ease. Apart from shaping itself freely to accommodate the child’s movement, bean bags also provide sensory feedback during physical exercises.

These chairs offer enough mass to serve as an exercise tool. Children with autism can use it to exercise their arms and legs by lifting. Bean bag chairs also offer flexibility, which enables therapists and children to easily modify them for various purposes.

A Calming Effect on Children

Parents and therapists can join two bean bag chairs as a more therapeutic tool for autistic children. Kids with this condition experience more comfort and relaxation when surrounded by several bean bags. Some children sit on one and rest their upper body on another bean bag.

The gentle pressure combined with sensory feedback encourages a calming feeling. This also helps the children organise their thoughts and emotions better.

Bean bag chairs offer numerous benefits advantageous to children with autism. It is for parents to buy one now and provide their child comfort and support in the form of plush furniture.