Clear Dental Aligners – Why You Need Them

dental care servicesOrthodontics has made tremendous progress from the times of intrusive metal braces to more acceptable clear aligners. While metal braces might be acceptable to kids, they can be a huge barrier to adults who want to try out dental alignment treatments.

Most people would opt for clear dental aligners just because they are less visible. However, there are other perks you stand to get from choosing to use them.

Easy Oral Hygiene Manintenance

Wire braces force you to up your oral hygiene. Failure to adhere to strict maintenance tasks could lead to calcium deposit stains, swollen gums and even gingivitis.

Clear dental aligners are different since you can take them off and brush your teeth well. This, coupled with the fact that they evenly cover your teeth, means that you won’t have to worry about any bits and pieces of food remnants as you would with wire braces.

Less Dietary Restrictions

Another advantage of removable clear aligners is that you won’t have to limit your diet to foods that won’t harm your dental fixtures. People with traditional braces have to adhere to strict diets to avoid working their braces loose.

You could remove your clear dental aligners before eating any hard foods or just before any meal. Enjoy your food, brush your teeth and return the aligners all by yourself.

Faster to Install and More Comfortable

3D digital technology has made clear aligners more comfortable and faster to install. A well-equipped dentist will have a digital scanning system that maps your current dental pattern before sending it to a 3D printer that almost instantly creates perfectly fitting braces for you.

It is clear that clear aligners will always be a great alternative to wire or bracket orthodontics. With clear aligners getting better by the day, we will soon see a time when those intruding wire braces have become a thing of the past.