Choosing a Toothpaste: Which is the Right One for You?

Local Dentist in Spanish ForkBeing one person who is concerned about your dental health, you’ve probably gone to stores stocked with all things related to oral hygiene. However, when you get to the toothpaste section, you’re more confused as there are numerous brands to choose from.

With the help of your local dentist in Payson, you’ll be able to find a toothpaste that will help you meet your dental health goals. But to get you started, here are some things you can take note of.


You may notice that fluoride receives different opinions if you’ve read through different sites. Nonetheless, fluoride is one of the most important ingredients you should look out for in a toothpaste. Fluoride is available as sodium fluoride, stannous fluoride, and monofluorophosphate. Sodium fluoride has cavity fighting properties and helps keep your teeth healthy and clean. You can also find fluoride toothpaste for children with fruity flavors. This makes them excited about brushing their teeth.


SLS refers to sodium lauryl sulfate. It’s one of the ingredients found in lotion, soaps, and shampoo. Its main function is to clean your teeth and improve the foaming. Nonetheless, if you notice that you have a dry mouth and canker sores, SLS may be the cause and you’d need to switch to another toothpaste.

Whitening Toothpaste

This is another type of toothpaste perfect for people looking to get their teeth white. However, if you have sensitive teeth, then this toothpaste may not be for you. The abrasive particles are meant to whiten the teeth within a few weeks.

Sensitivity Toothpaste

Now, if you always cringe at the taste of a cold or hot thing, then toothpaste for sensitive teeth may be the remedy you need as it has few harsh ingredients such as chloride, nitrate, and even potassium. These ingredients help to block nerve pathways between your gums and teeth, This means that you’ll feel less pain while brushing, eating and even drinking.

Deciding on the right type of toothpaste largely depends on the condition of your gums and teeth. Remember to brush at least twice and floss. And if you would like to have your questions answered, consult your dentist.