Ceramic Braces: Learn All About the 3 Main Kinds

A girl with braces having her teeth checkedMost orthodontic treatments involve the use of braces to move teeth into a proper position. These are box-like devices attached to your teeth’s surface. People who want straighter teeth use them for a few months to years—depending on the extent of your condition.

Braces were only available in metal in the past, but patients found them unattractive though they were very efficient. There are now various material options for braces for Townsville residents, but ceramic ones are the most popular. Here are the categories of ceramic braces.

Ceramic Braces with Metal

These might sound unattractive since they contain metal, but they are not. These ceramic braces have a metal component on their adhesive side to enhance their retention power.

Some designs have the metal fitted on the slots to enhance the strength of your braces. The metal component of the ceramic braces with metal is mostly invisible; hence you need not worry about their aesthetic impact.

Ceramic Braces with Plastic

Sometimes plastic is added to ceramic braces to enhance their aesthetic value. The inclusion of plastic increases the cost of your ceramic braces but does not affect the strength of the ceramic.

Ceramic braces with plastic allow you to benefit from the aesthetic value of plastic with the strength of ceramic for your orthodontic treatment.

Pure Ceramic Braces

These braces comprise ceramic with no metal or plastic components. Pure ceramic braces are available in for conventional designs and match the colour of your teeth. Your choice of the best for you is primarily influenced by the severity of your orthodontic condition and personal preference.

Orthodontic issues will significantly affect your smile and interfere with your dental function. From the above options, you can get ceramic braces that are as strong as metal braces but are invisible.

Utmost care is vital for ceramic braces since they are fragile. They can also get discoloured by highly-pigmented food and drinks if not properly brushed.