Candy is NOT the No. 1 Cavity-Causing Food

Cavity-Causing Food in AlbuquerqueWhen it comes to cavity-causing foods, you may think that candies top the list. While it is true that eating lots of them can cause decay, they are not the worst food for your teeth. Crackers, specifically saltine crackers, are the number one cavity-causing food. This is because they are made from simple starches, which convert to sugar quickly.

Bacteria Love Simple Starches

It is important to note that there are naturally occurring bacteria in the mouth. These bacteria love sugar, but increase rapidly when your diet is full of processed simple starches. When you munch on saltine crackers, the bacteria multiply out of control, allowing them to have a feast longer. Family dentists in Albuquerque like note that simple starches may also be the reason you have bad breath.

The same also goes for Goldfish crackers. These foods stick to your teeth long after you finish eating. It is common for the food particles to get stuck between the crevices of your teeth easily than other complex foods. This only means that the bacteria thrive much longer until you brush and floss your teeth. This is also why crackers are not the best snack choices for both kids and adults.

What to Eat and What to Avoid

Apart from Goldfish and saltine crackers, it’s also best to avoid soda, even if it is sugar-free. Such beverages still contain acid that can wear away the tooth enamel. You should also limit your consumption of energy and sports drinks, as they are acidic and cause enamel erosion. Dried fruits also contain lots of sugar, cling to the teeth, and trap bacteria.

Note that eating simple starches just once or twice won’t cause cavities. It is the habit of eating such foods. Keep in mind that better alternatives are available such as fresh fruits, cheese squares, and milk. Almonds and dark chocolate are also good for your teeth. Drinking water after snacking helps, as it washes away food particles that linger in your mouth.

Start taking of your teeth better by choosing the right snack. Don’t forget to follow proper dental hygiene and visit your dentists for checkups and cleaning.