How You Can Harness Core Strength with Pilates

PilatesPilates is among the most popular exercises in the whole world for many reasons, but mainly due to its ability to strengthen your ‘core’. Athletes do it, dancers do it, regular folks do it, and even physiotherapists prescribe it. But what and where exactly is your ‘core’? Why is core conditioning crucial and how can Pilates help?

Your ‘Core’ Demystified

Before there was Pilates, three muscle groups — your inner obliques, inner abdominals, and iliopsoas — were practically ignored by other exercise methods. Joseph Pilates, the founder of Pilates, found that strengthening these crucial muscle groups could bring significant changes not only to your daily activities such as sitting, standing, climbing stairs, and walking, but to artistic and athletic performance as well. These muscle groups and those found in your body’s center, your glutes, outer obliques, lower back muscles, and outer abdominals, make up your core.

At the Core of Pilates Exercises

Joseph Pilates created Pilates over 100 years ago and it has since been refined and perfected by many practitioners. In the simplest terms, Pilates works since it is a total body workout that incorporates stretching, cardio, strength training, and balance. Additionally, dynamic stretching and unconventional contractions, which are applied in Pilates, have been shown to offer significantly more benefits than other stretching and strengthening techniques.

Strengthening all your muscle groups instead of just solely focusing on one muscle group is one of the things that differentiate Pilates from other exercises. Joseph Pilates believed that your entire being must be revitalised and strengthened so he also combined mind training to Pilates to build consciousness while also building strength and muscle. When your muscles and mind work together, you get unrivaled balance and stability minus the unnecessary weight and bulky muscles. According to, every single Pilates exercise works your core and your whole mind and body — that is essentially what core strength is.

The Takeaway

So from lessening your spine’s wear and tear and supporting your back, to feeling stronger, more flexible, and more balanced, building core strength is crucial to working out and Pilates is undeniably the best exercise to help you get core power.