Camille Leblanc-Bazinet Is The Fittest Woman On Earth

“Discipline is number one,” says Camille Leblanc-Bazinet, the world’s fittest woman. Claiming the title at last year’s Reebok Crossfit Games, this 125 pounds of pure muscle and strength says, “If you want to be the best, then you got to train like a camp.”Well, coming from the fittest woman in the world, who are we to disagree?

“Beauty is confidence”

CrossfitPlacing first at the woman’s individual competition, this 25-year-old Chemical Engineering student at L’Universite de Sherbrooke believes that beauty is synonymous to strength, perseverance and confidence. “For me, beauty is achieving your goal and becoming a better person,” she says.

“I had a dark moment where I fell into being anorexic, and in my head, beauty was being as skinny as you could be. Now I see women who are successful because they work hard and they dedicate themselves to things that they believe in. In my eyes, those types of people are the most beautiful ones by far.”

“Discipline is balance”

Let’s face it, without discipline, weight loss goals might as well jog themselves out of the gym. For Camille, discipline consists of both physical training and diet transformation.  When it comes to serious challenges, like getting up at 5am every day for a run or giving up meat, people should be realistic.

Drastic shifts in diet from high-sugared and high-fat food to clean greens are likelier to be regressive than productive. She suggests gradual addition and subtraction of one food item from everyday meal plans, and another as they go along the step-by-step program.

Deprivation is no longer an option. In fact, Camille shares that she eats full meals to keep her fueled up for a day of rigorous Crossfit trainings. Her breakfast usually consists of three eggs, almond butter, and strawberries and kale. For lunch and dinner, she likes to load up on protein, like salmon. “I like making salads with kale, blueberry, and chicken with some avocado slices,” she adds.

Don’t let the six-pack fool you, because this Canadian beauty says she gives in to temptation once a week, usually with a pint of her favorite ice cream.

As to the actual workout, it’s okay for serious fitness nuts to push themselves to the limits, as long as they don’t go beyond, says the Canadian beauty. Discipline is also understanding what the body can endure and knowing to respect it. Discipline, basically, is finding the right balance between exertion and consumption.