Is that Breast Lump a Sign of Cancer?

breast cancerCancers of the breast do not only show as suspicious lumps. Some forms of cancer look like a case of eczema localised around the nipple area. Others involve inflammation of the breast, with reddening and soreness as primary symptoms. When you come across a lump on your breast, chances are it is a benign condition. Most of the women who are diagnosed with breast cancer have no family history of the condition and do not have appreciable risks. How then can you be sure you are dealing with a malignant condition?

Changes in the breast

Women should examine their breasts to check for dimpling of the skin, or any changes in the shape of the nipple or the breast itself. Any change is reason enough for a medical checkup. Aside from the shape, it is also important to check the feel of the breast. Some people observe bloody discharge, while others see a change in the skin of the nipple or the breast — from smooth and supple to thick and scaly.

Cancerous conditions of the breast may also present as lumps in the area of the armpit. Some women complain of pain, but others do not. As for the range of breast cancer symptoms, some women may not show any physical signs at all.

A definite diagnosis

Despite the presence of signs and symptoms pointing to breast cancer, you can only be sure you are dealing with the condition after medical best waterproof tent results come out. Your doctor will consolidate the results of tests and examination procedures. Usually, a biopsy is necessary, along with a set of laboratory tests to determine whether your physiologic profile fits that of a cancer patient.

The results will reveal relevant details about the size of the cancer, its growth rate and if the pathology has already spread to surrounding tissues. In situations where diagnosis confirms cancer, the laboratory test results will also serve as the basis for treatment.

Do not delay medical consultation if you find a lump in your breast. Make an appointment with a qualified physician.