Basketball 101: The Art of Passing

Passing in BasketballJohn Stockton doesn’t have the same flair as Magic Johnson, but he is the all-time NBA league leader in total assists. There was nothing fancy about his bullet and perfectly timed chest or bounce passes to Karl Malone, but two points are still two points. 

Passing isn’t as flashy as windmill dunks or scoring titles, but basketball is a team game that involves a lot of passes before a made basket. Young players need to understand and know the principles of one of the most basic plays of this game.

Back to Basics claims that many young players want to be flashy without understanding the basics. Jumping in the air and throwing a no-look pass may seem cool when it leads to "making" a basket, but this low percentage pass is likely to cause a turnover. Budding basketball players need to learn the principles of this basic play. When making a pass, here are some of the things you need to know:

  • Keep your feet on the floor instead of jumping, the former keeps your options open, while the latter may lead to a turnover.
  • Always make a strong and firm pass, not too hard (which may cause a turnover) or too soft (which gives the defense enough time to react).
  • Be in the triple threat position, which allows you to see passing lanes or shot opportunities.
  • Throw a pass into a teammate’s shooting pocket and keep your feet planted on the floor.

Work Ethic Pays Off

Talented players never realize their potential because of their poor work ethic. Put in the hours in the gym, listen to coaches and be like a sponge that absorbs important information. Working day in and day out enables you to become the best basketball player you can be.

These are the fundamentals of making passes; know these by heart and you are ready to play around and make those fancy passes on the floor.