An Insight into Various Types of Lip Injections

lip injection procedureIf you are considering taking the lip-plumping plunge, there is more to it than you may know. There are three major types, with each treatment giving you a distinctive look. While your lip injection may seem like just that, lip injections; there are various applications depending on your objectives.

In that case, the kind of filler you will use now hinges on its ability to change the shape, add a lift, or augment the volume of the lip.

Before you go to medical spas in Utah such as, here is a breakdown of three major types of lip injections worth considering.


This Hyaluronic acid-based filler has a high affinity for water, meaning, it will give you plumper lips that also retains moisture. Additionally, it has an extended G prime that translates to high elasticity and thus provides a good lift and definition to your lips.

Moreover, it has a high viscosity, which helps in sustaining the lips shape, as well as making the lips firmer and more natural looking. This treatment lasts anywhere between six and nine months.

Juvederm Ultra XC

When compared to the other filler options, Ultra XC has a higher Hyaluronic acid concentration. Its G Prime is much lower, which affords the lips a more horizontal based spread direction as opposed to more lift. It also gives you much softer lips in appearance and touch.

This lip plumping technology lasts longer approximately nine months to one year.

Juvederm Volbella

This is the newest development in lip plumping technology. It has the least Hyaluronic acid concentration, translating to the low affinity to water. Similarly, it achieves a very subtle lip augmentation, making the lips appear soft and natural.

Although the results for this option are less conspicuous, that does not mean that they will fade away equally fast. Instead, the vycross technology applied increases its longevity so you should continue seeing the results for one year.

Regardless of the method you choose, you are bound to experience some bruising, asymmetry, swelling and tenderness. However, this should fade away in a few days after which, you can enjoy your lips and use your usual makeup products on them.