Amazing Modern Historical Facts about Braces That You Probably Didn’t Know

History of BracesYou might have been using braces for long — but do you know how the use of it even came to be? Well, if you continue reading, you’d delve deep into the history of braces — and be left in awe!

The Bandeau

These days, clear braces in Hertfordshire are available, Smilecraft Dental Care cites. Ages ago, however, it was through the help of the Father of Modern Dentistry, Pierre Fauchard, who thought of a way to keep his patients’ dentures in place by anchoring their molars.

These anchors were then called The Bandeau — and they’re also given the distinction of being the world’s first orthodontic appliance. The Bandeau works by expanding the dental arch of the patient without necessarily straightening teeth.

Royal Connections

Braces do have royal connections. Thomas Bedmore, also known as King George III of England’s personal dentist, wrote that dental X-rays should be done, and teeth should be straightened. He believed that it was not only for aesthetic purposes, but it also helps a person become a better speaker and for overall health, prompting early dental practitioners to research and do their best in the niche.

The 1800s

Early braces were created in the 1800s. In 1819, the first wire crib was developed by Christophe Francois-Delabarre, and gum elastics started to be used in 1843 — aligning teeth without actually affecting the jaws.

Then, in 1864, the rubber dental dam was invented by Dr S.C. Barnum — and even today, the basics of it are still being used worldwide. And finally, in 1894, Dental X-Rays became the basis for deciding if a person needs braces.

The 1990s to Today

The 1990s saw the modernisation and personalisation of braces with different colours and styles. Today, there are even more varieties — even clear, and invisible ones that definitely won’t break your style.

The next time you get braces, you’d be more grateful knowing that it has an extensive history — and that it really was improved throughout the years!