Agencies that Govern Health and Safety Promotion in American Dental Clinics

american dental associationIn the United States, there is more than one agency regulating procedures and products to ensure that citizens receive high quality care. In terms of promoting health and safety in settings of dental services, be aware of the pertinent regulations from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and the US Environmental Protection Agency.

As a recipient of dental care, you must also be well-versed in the guidelines provided to American Dental Association members pertaining to dental procedures and the use of infection control products.

Regulations Governing Medical Devices

The FDA does not provide specific guidelines to dentists. But, through the CDRH or Center for Devices and Radiological Health, the FDA specifies regulations with regard to medical devices. One of the tasks assigned to the CDRH is to approve the devices used by medical and dental practitioners in the delivery of patient care. Decontaminants of control devices and instrument cleaners such as disinfectants and sterilizers are some of the products belonging to the classification.

Meanwhile, low-level and intermediate disinfectants used in dental waterlines are under the authority or the US Environmental Protection Agency. The EPA also provides guidelines in the collection and disposal of hazardous wastes generated in dental offices.

Usage of Infection Control Procedures

Patients undergoing medical procedures are at risk for infection. The American Dental Association is very much concerned with the prevention of spread of contagious diseases and infection during routine dental procedures. The control of infection is of primary importance to the organization that they provide online and print

The Association also provides guidelines on safe injection practices, sterilization of patient care products, cleaning of work surfaces, handling extracted teeth, and hand hygiene.

Learn about current public health guidelines. Choose a dental facility where you receiving high quality dental care, and where your health and safety are protected as well.