Aerial Yoga: Achieving Total Body Workout Easier and More Effectively

Aerial YogaThe modern day yoga has its origins as a spiritual practice from India. Through meditation, breath control, and specific body postures, practitioners achieve spiritual oneness and promote their body’s natural healing process.

While yoga’s spiritual links may not exactly be evident these days, it’s still arguably one of the most popular physical exercises, particularly in the western world. It’s no surprise then that a new evolution of this centuries-old practice called aerial yoga is fast becoming the definitive way to achieve a total body workout.

Feet Off the Ground notes that aerial yoga involves using a specialized hammock, functioning as a cross between swing and soft trapeze. This is in order to perform yoga postures mixed with other physical exercises, the most prominent being calisthenics and aerial acrobatics.

The harness allows you to perform difficult exercises and poses that only practitioners with several years of experience can normally do without risking injury. The reverse warrior, for example, is an extremely difficult position to hold for the inexperienced, but is actually very simple to pull off with the support of a harness.

Not only does it allow you to perform the more complex poses easier without the risk of back or neck compressions, but you are also able to hold the positions for longer, increasing its effectiveness as a total body workout.

Agility and Flexibility

Aside from being able to perform complex poses and exercises easier, aerial yoga also improves the body’s natural flexibility and agility. A few sessions allow you to stretch further with less strain on the body, relieving pressure and muscular tension during poses. It also allows you to improve your balance safely, which is perfect for practitioners who may be suffering from disabilities or are getting old.

As aerial yoga allows you to build confidence in your own body’s skill and abilities, it’s also a practical way to conquer fears. Acrophobia or the fear of heights ranks third in the list of the most common fears in the U.S. alone. This workout is a great way to overcome this fear safely and more effectively.

If you are interested in doing yoga but aren’t confident enough that you can successfully perform some of its more imposing and difficult poses, then aerial yoga is an effective way to achieve a total body workout easier and safer.