A Taste of Brisbane: Great Food You Should Never Miss

Great FoodCosmopolitan Brisbane thrives on its melting-pot identity that has allowed different cultures to add their unique twist to its culinary legacy. From steaks to an array of bacon delights, everything is here.

Visit a hole in the wall cafe or a fancy restaurant in Broadbeach like HatchAndCo.com.au, and you won’t regret the dining options. Here are the top four foods that you just can’t miss in Brisbane:


One of Brisbane’s most iconic vegetarian offerings, the Vegemite is a lip smacking paste made out of yeast extract. You can add this on a toast or as an ingredient for other dishes; some people even use it as a stuffing for bread.

Sashimi Tacos

This one pays homage to the fusionist culture in Brisbane. By combining the best flavours of Asia and Central America, sashimi tacos offer an exciting taste to locals and holidaymakers. The taco shells are encased with salmon, tuna and salsa, served with a round of sake.

Chicken Tikka Masala

The Indian diaspora community has ensured that Brisbane is well-fed with its scrumptious signature delicacies, including the rousingly popular chicken tikka masala. Boneless chicken pieces are pre-marinated in a spicy seasoning and dunked in a thick, piquant gravy. You can eat this with flat bread, rice or other side dishes.


Brisbane’s steaks are a far cry from uninspiring, cookie cutter steaks. They’re served in a variety of ways with a delicious assortment of sides. Brisbane likes its steaks to have a little drama, as they say. When you order steak here, think of a large sirloin sitting on a bone, surrounded by cream potatoes.

Brisbane is a food connoisseur’s paradise, boasting of a large variety of preparations from cheap burritos to a pricey fusion of Mediterranean flavours. There’s never a dearth of eating options for a hungry palate in the city.